Banks Community United Methodist Church

Come Taste the Lord (Our Choir)
3:12-min   1.54 Megabytes

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!(Our Choir)
3:44-min   1.81 Megabytes

Seasons of the Soul (Our Choir)
3:28-min   1.55 Megabytes

Precious Lord (Our Choir)
3:23-min   1.7 Megabytes

Search Me (Our Choir)
2:17-min   1.08 Megabytes

Shurely the Presence (Our Choir)
2:25-min   1.25 Megabytes

Holy Spirit Live in Me (Our Choir)
2:16-min   1.12 Megabytes

I am Weak and In Need (Our Choir)
3:12-min   1.37 Megabytes

Prepare The Way of the Lord (Our Choir)
1:42-min   0.847 Megabytes

Advent Song (Our Choir)
1:54-min   0.949 Megabytes

A New Thanksgiving (Our Choir)
4:10-min   1.94 Megabytes

It is Well With My Soul (Our Choir)
4:40-min   2.24Megabytes

Offering (Our Choir)
4:00-min   2.8-Megabytes
Dial-up version (1.06-MB)

When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (Our Choir)
3:09-min   2.88-Megabytes
Dial-up version (1.06-MB)

Here I Am, Lord (our Choir)
4:56-min   4.51-Megabytes
Dial-up version (2.31-MB)

One Bread One Body (our Choir)
4:56-min   3.83-Megabytes
Dial-up version (2.01-MB)

United In Christ (our Choir)
4:56-min   4.12-Megabytes
Dial-up version (2.70-MB)

Jesus Loves Me (Congregational)
2:00-min   0.97-Megabytes

Be Exalted / Change My Heart (Grace Shimer)
3:44-min   1.77-Megabytes

Go Forth Into the World in Peace (Our Choir)
2:00-min   0.785-Megabytes

Good News! The Chariot's Comin' (Our Choir)
3:27-min   1.0-Megabytes

Tree of Sorrow (Our Choir)
3:36-min   1.0-Megabytes

O Lord Most Holy (Our Choir)
2:25-min   1.1-Megabytes

Every Valley (Our Choir)
2:25-min   1.1-Megabytes

Rise Up Children of God (Our Choir)
2:43-min   1.2-Megabytes

Breath of Heaven (Our Choir)
5:10-min   1.5-Megabytes

This Little Light of Mine (Our Choir)
3:30-min   0.95-Megabytes

Yours is The Kingdom (Our Choir)
3:51-min   1.23-Megabytes

African Psalm (Our Choir)
2:38-min   0.86-Megabyte

Are You Washed in the Blood? (Our Choir)
3:55-min   1.33-Megabyte

How Beautiful, The Body of Christ (Our Choir)
4:30-min  1.28-Megabytes

Lay Up Your Treasures in Heaven (Our Choir)
2:15-min   1.0-Megabyte

Prayer of the Children (Our Choir)
4:08-min   1.87-Megabyte

Shine on Us (Our Choir)
4:12-min   1.14-Megabyte

Where He Leads Me I will Follow (Our Choir)
3:02-min   2.76-Megabyte


For All The Saints
(Electronic Composition)
2:24-min  2.2-Megabytes

There is a Redeemer
(Electronic Composition)
2:51-min  2.6-Megabytes
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