Banks Community United Methodist Church

Kids vie with their friends to excel in knowledge of the Bible. Today it happens to be a Jeopardy style quiz from the book of Genesis, but a wide portion of the Bible is covered in a structured 4-year curriculum.

Bible teaching is achieved in small groups, using a variety of teaching tools and formats.

Here in Banks, the kids who've joined the PREP4Kids program are transported by school bus from Banks Elementary School to Banks Community United Methodist Church (about 1/3 mile apart). In this way PREP4Kids is available within the final 2-hours of the same selected school day each week.

The children invite their friends to come, but parents must provide written permission for their children to participate in PREP4Kids. A downloadable PDF form: "Permission for Released-time Education," is available at, the official website of the "Portland Released-time Education Program". On the website header bar, click on Schools to find and download the permission form for your particular school.

More general information is available on the    website:

QUESTIONS about our participation in PREP4Kids?
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